LIQUID AETHER Audio specializes in Extreme Metal and offers the following audio services...


From the pure live recording of a 5-piece band up to a full blown album production utilizing overdubs, nearly every session can be realized in the studio.

Editing / Re-Amping

This service includes the editing of Drums, Guitars and Vocals as well as Re-Amping - of course also from externally recorded material.

Mixing / Mastering

In these last two steps your production is beeing finished and prepared to be sent off to the pressing plant.


...putting life back into music!!!
Mario Dahmen

Mario Dahmen

Sound Engineer & Producer

Looking for a unique, analog sounding production or mix? Then Mario might be your go-to guy!

Self-employed with LIQUID AETHER Audio for well over 20 years, Mario works with you on eye level to craft your vision.

He is musically active in the Black Metal duo SCHWERMUT, having released an EP and an album so far.

Marios' most important sound engineering and production influences include Tore Stjerna, Ross Robinson, Kurt Ballou and Richard Kaplan.



LIQUID AETHER Audio is an internationally operating full-time recording, mixing and mastering studio located in Germany.

The studio was founded in 2001 specialising in capturing the essence and uniqueness of Extreme Metal artists, preferably in the Black Metal, Death Metal and Doom Metal genres.

LIQUID AETHER Audio not only offers high end analog recording equipment from AMEK and NEVE, audio software from HARRISON and AVID but also a huge collection of professional microphones and a vast array of Tube and Solid State amplifiers as well as a pedal collection from the history of Extreme Metal.

Under the monicker "HELHALLEN Tonstudio" the studio also provides the opportunity of pure analogue recording in an old school, some might say "necro sounding" way to 8 tape tracks (on varying machines).

LIQUID AETHER Audio's customer base includes artists from Germany, France, the USA, El Salvador, Russia and the Netherlands as well as international labels such as Ván Records, Vendetta Records, Goatowarex Records, Roadrunner Records, Epictural Production, Locomotive Records and Auric Records.

With over one hundred 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook combined, LIQUID AETHER Audio guarantees that your precious art is in the right, professional hands.

Contact information

  •   Please write first!
  •   Kaller Straße 13a, 53937 Schleiden-Broich


Below you will find a selection of recently completed productions and some customer testimonials

I can absolutely recommend LIQUID AETHER Audio for Black Metal recordings. Mario works damn fast and still accurate and patient. With Hån we have had him edit, mix and master the second album in a row. We are once again extremely satisfied with the result!


Kryptos (Guitarist)
We recorded our current album with Mario and are very happy with the result. The sound is also mentioned very positively in all reviews, not only on our album, but also on the releases of befriended bands. So the quality is consistently high. [...] everything worked well and our wishes and ideas were met.


Dominic Kappelhoff (Guitarist)
We had Mario mix and master our entire album and the result is really impressive. Both the communication and the implementation were very good. Even within the band we weren't always in 100% agreement and we "tried around" a lot. Mario was extremely patient the entire time and in the end he was able to implement our ideas and wishes extremely quickly. Very clear recommendation and best regards to you, Mario!


T (Singer)
Very competent and patient man, he really took away our nervousness before the first record. As a band, we felt that we were well advised and understood, The next album will definitely be recorded by Mario again.


Marian Gugat (Guitarist)
We, Excruciation, have just finished our latest album with Mario / LIQUID AETHER Audio. Mario understood our music and partially upgraded the songs with his own ideas. He was always able to implement our idea of the songs very quickly and in some cases without us having to explain to him a lot about where the journey should go. Thank you Mario, gladly again!


Eugi (Singer)
We were several times with different bands at LIQUID AETHER Audio and I can say : technology and know-how at its best + a creative producer + recordings in a pleasant atmosphere in the country (Ponies!) = A great studio! Clear recommendation. Also recommended for mixes and mastering!


Frank Damager (Guitarist)
Mario is a very professional studio engineer and a great guy to work with. He is inventive, creative and works hard to get the final product ready in no time and with awesome quality. Staying at Liquid Aether is also great. 100% complete audio studio for top results. Highly recommended.


Stijn v. As (Drummer)
Professional, fun and patient soundsmith. Cooperation is highly recommended. 10/10


Dino Lator (Guitarist)
Very professional and friendly! The studio handles even very experimental material incredibly well and can really make the sounds shine. Great value for money, especially regarding commuication and reliability.

Obsessive Fundamental Realism

SM (Label Owner)
I was now for the 4th time and with the 3rd Band at LIQUID AETHER Audio. It is always fun to work with him. He has a huge amount of specialist knowledge and works very professionally. I highly recommend this studio to everyone.


Julian Schulz (Guitarist / Drummer)
Best studio experience! The workflow is just amazing. Mario is super professional, quick and easy to communicate with. There is actually nothing to criticize.


Gabriel Grußmann (Singer)
Had our self-recorded album mixed and mastered... amazing! We were completely surprised by what can be gotten out of our rather limited tracks here, Mario is always helpful and always competently at your side! Next time we will drive the complete production here!


Raphael (Guitarist)


Production :

Due to the complex and differing nature of each and every production
please get in touch so we can get into detail about your project and
evaluate the needed budget.

Mixing :

Starting at 1000 € for a full length album.

Since every mixdown is different, a lot of factors will affect the
final price. Please let us know the vision for your sound so we can get back
to you with an estimated price.

Mastering :

Starting at 250 € for a full length album.

Important : If you do not hear back from me within three work days after
using the contact form, please get in touch via the above mentioned contact information.

Thank you.





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